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"All that is Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing " Edmund Burke

Doug Dahlgren

From his home outside Atlanta, Georgia, Doug is currently writing his seventh novel, the sixth of the action thriller series, The Son. Born in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, but raised a true southerner, Doug spent most of his high school years in South Georgia. Moving with family to the Atlanta area in 1964, he has spent his adult life there. Three years in the military the only interruption. Married to his wife of nearly forty-five years, they live in a modest home where they raised their three children. They now enjoy watching two granddaughters grow and express themselves through their own individual talents.

Doug began writing after retiring from two simultaneously held careers, one as a regional representative for a major retailing firm, the other as a private contractor operating his own business. The first spanned over thirty-two years and his private business operated successfully for just over twenty-eight years.

His first book, It Was Thursday is short by novel standards. Doug calls it the unnerving tale of an event that should never happen. But this story shows us how it could, if it ever did. A quick, page turning, thrill ride as described by his readers.

Buoyed by the reaction to his work, Doug began to unravel the tale of a new hero, a loner who sought to right impossible wrongs. Acts perpetrated by a level of people protected from society through their positions and power. Cloaked in secrecy, the character seeks to remove these villains from our government. His strict rules, which protect that secrecy, work well but are hard to maintain.

The works are fiction, but as the writer calls them, Plausible Fiction. Stories that the reader can believe "could happen" with gadgets you have to "look up" to prove they were "made up."

Join the growing ranks of Silas fans. The first of the series is The Son Silas Rising.

Four directly related sequels are in print and the sixth is in the works. If you enjoy exciting action and a character you can follow through continuous stories, Silas is your man.

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    The Son Silas Rising
    A great read.....once you read the first book you will want to continue reading the series. After reading these, Dahlgren ranks at the top with Joel Rosenberg, Jonathan Cain, Stuart Woods, etc. read more
    The Only Constant
    Oh my gosh! I couldn't wait to get started on this book after reading The Son Silas Rising and I was not disappointed. I only wish I had some more Jon Crane right now! read more
    The Basics of Fundamentals
    Doug Dahlgren has done it again. I have learned to believe in heroes all over again. Jon and his now extended family will make a believer out of you too. Great series, great read. read more
    The Four Samaritans
    Each chapter keeps you wanting more. I've been hooked since the first Son and I can't wait for the next one. read more
    Eight of Six
    The Son series continues to captivate my reading interests. The first 3 were read nearly back-to-back. Book 4 and we got "The Four Samaritans". Book 5 titled "Eight of Six". read more

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    Doug's books are available through, in both paperback and kindle, as well as through Barnes&, and finer bookstores in the Southeast. Doug recommends for the best overall service. The links below will take you to the page for each book with pricing information, reader's reviews and for those with Amazon accounts, the link to place your order. Personalized, autographed copies are available at the Amazon price plus shipping through the contact Doug section of this web site. The Son Series is continuing with a Sixth story in the series titled, The Daedalus Directive. Look for it later in the fall of 2013. Doug was interviewed at an appearance in October 2011 about The Son Series. Thanks for your interests in these novels. Please let us hear from you, we invite your opinion of the books. Click on the Titles below for more information about the books and how to order...

    The Son Series

    The SON of Silas The SON of Silas The Only Constant The Only Constant The Basics of Fundamentals The Basics of Fundamentals The Four Samaritans The Four Samaritans Eight of Six Eight of Six Daedelus Directive Daedelus Directive

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